About Pedal Powered Anthropology

Pedal Powered Anthropology was founded in 2017 by anthropologist Joseph Lyons as a way for him to use his training as an anthropologist and researcher to find out the deep cultural connections underlying seemingly everyday locations.

With Anthrospin, Joe researches, writes, and creates videos on a variety of topics ranging from local history to human evolution and current events and issues within science.

All of his projects are meant to be relatable in format while also being aesthetically pleasing. Everything Pedal Powered Anthropology does is broken down in blog notes and film credits in the hopes that others will become inspired to explore the world around them from a new point of view.

I never imagined this would be a thing, but with people asking me for dvd copies of things and saying they’d buy shirts if I made them, it seems it’s time to start one. Email me for local pickup!

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